Sales Order Form

Mesh Wifi System

Terms & Conditions for Customer

This agreement is between you (the consumer) and LINK BROADBAND LIMITED (the supplier) you agree to the following terms and conditions for the package we have agreed today and you will be asked to sign at the end.


You are entering a fixed term contract for __ months, this contract comes into effect on the day of activation (or as agreed) at 00:00.
Your contract is for the (Name of Package) and your quoted speeds are ___ mbps upload and ___ mbps download. It is important to remember that with all FTTP packages this speed is unlikely to be compatible with wireless devices and will only be truly shown on wired devices.

Voice Packages

If you have gone for a package with VOIP or Landline it is important to have a backup in case of any loss of power. Link Broadbands can provide a battery backup for your landline for an additional charge. The calling package you have selected is _____ and is an additional price of £____ P/M

TV Packages

If you have selected a TV package with your plan there are some extra terms to be considered: The TV service provides access to Freeview TV, radio, catch up TV (Freeview Play) and On Demand Services. This content is made available to you by Netgem services and may change from time to time. Some viewing restrictions based on location and content may apply. The TV box remains the property of Link Broadband and must be returned to us on cancellation or completion of the contract. In order to use the TV services you must have and continue to have the following: Eligible broadband service, Compatible Television, HDMI Cable, For Freeview channels a Satellite Dish/Antenna may be required, for recording a USB stick with 32+GB of storage, and for Alexa services a compatible Amazon account. It is your responsibility to ensure the content accessible is suitable for viewers (including children). We provide you with one TV box per contract. If you require another one due to the one supplied being faulty or damaged please contact us at to arrange a replacement.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your contract please email with 30 days notice.

You have the ability to cancel without any charge up until the point of your activation, after activation you have 14 days to decide if you want to keep the broadband. You can cancel free of charge within these 14 days. If you cancel before activation or within your cool off period you may be charged for any usage and will be liable for all costs in returning equipment back to us.

If you cancel after activation you will be liable for the full price of the contract (this excludes any promotional offers such as 3 months free) meaning you will receive a charge for the remaining months on the contract regardless of any discount or offer.

We may make a deduction from the refund for loss in value of any goods supplied, where that loss is the direct result of unnecessary handling by you.

Marketing and Full Policy

You can find the full terms of conditions and privacy notice on

You agree to be contacted by Link Broadbands for support and marketing purposes. You can opt out below:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS Marketing
  3. Call Marketing
  4. Usage Info
  5. No Contact Wish

This will not have an impact on if Link Broadband or any of our partners have to contact you in regards to the service you have signed this contract for.

Direct Debit Guarantee

You agree to a Direct Debit with Link Broadband Limited and this Direct Debit is covered by the Direct Debit guarantee. If there is any issues with the amount or date of the direct debit you will be entitled to a full and immediate refund of that amount taken. In the event of a refund you are not entitled to you must repay that full amount to Link Broadband Limited when requested. Any changes to the amount date or frequency of the Direct Debit will be notified to you 5 working days in advance of the direct debit. If you request Link Broadband to take an amount the amount will be confirmed to you prior to that money being taken.